Sunday, October 5, 2008

October 6, 2008

My article is about the things we did in class today. In science we talked about erosion adn made predictions about it. We read our textbook about it and read the directions to our science project.

In math, we did math boxes, which are math problems that are put together with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

In reading, we took our reading test, which is used to describe teh story. We also took our vocabulary test, which is a test that makes you think about what the words mean. We did the spelling writing test, which is when you have to write the whole word. Then we did our spelling bubble test, which means you have to bubble in which word is spelled incorrectly.

Before it was time to go home we went to see our reading buddies. We read a lot of books to our reading buddies. Oh sorry I forgot to tell you what our reading buddies are. They are 1st grades that you read to and then they read to you. Then we went to lab to do SuccessMaker. SuccessMaker is an online reading and math program. It tells teh principal if you are ready to go to the next level or not. If you are ready, the principal will make it harder. If not, the principal will make it easier.

By: Laurice E.

September 29, 2008

Today we voted for who we wanted fro secretary adn for specials we went to PE. In PE we learned to control teh football when we kick it. Also, since we did our math superstars we got a treat. Deputy Ortiz came to give us a lesson during DARE about making right choices.

Matthew L.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

September 25, 2008

Today, we did reading with a partner using gestures. We read our story outside and played the Crazy Professor Reading game when we were finished with our reading.

When we came back in, we took our vocabulary quiz. Thenk we did number stories and math boxes for our math lesson.

Next, we went to lucn and recess. We played on the playground. At the end of the day, we went to PE club and chorus.

By: Ashlyn


September 24, 2008

Today in reading, we read our reading story with a buddy. Our story this week is called S.O.R. Losers. We used power teaching to review for out science vocabulary test and then played a quiz show boys against girls to get ready for our test.

We also did some FCAT review in reading out of our C.A.R.S. book. We read a couple of paragraphs and then answered some questions. Then, we went over all of our answers.

We went to PE for specials today and during PE we walked.

Well, that's pretty much it for today.

By: Ashley

September 22, 2008

It’s was a nice sunny morning as I walked into Mrs. Blas classroom. The classroom was buzzing with normal morning activities in order to get ready for our day.

First, we listened to the morning announcement or as we like to say ENN. Then we checked homework and afterwards we did our multiplication speed rounds.

Next, took a multiplication test which was fairy easy. Later, that morning we worked on Lesson 2 in our science book. After, science we took out our reading books and read the story of the week. Following that we worked on reading super speed one thousand and believe me it’s fast.

Before we were able to go to lunch we had one more thing to do. So we took out a sharp pencil and did a pretest on what we knew about continents and oceans.

Finally time for lunch, but before I knew it lunch was over and it was time to go back to classroom to work in our math journal. Towards the end of the day we did dibbles testing which took up the rest of the afternoon. We all quickly packed up and left the class to go home. I walked out the classroom on my way to safely patrol I thought wow today went by really quickly.

By: Myia O'Neal

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

September 9, 2008

Oh what a day in Mrs.Blas’ 5th grade class. Well today we did a science experiment called ocean in a bottle. The materials used were one water bottle, alcohol, food coloring, and paint thinner. Also we did a science worksheet about clouds. The cloud types were stratus clouds, cirrus clouds, cumulus clouds, and designer clouds.
In reading we read a book called juggling. It is about a kid that is really busy and his friend helps him. In math we learned about greatest common factor. An example is like if you had number 20------ 5,4,10,2,20,1 would be the factors and you have 15--------- 15,1,3,5 would be the factors. Then you find what number both of them have the same and which is the biggest. The answer would be 5. That’s what we did in Mrs.Blas’ 5th grade class.

By: Salem

September 8, 2008

Today we went to science lab it was really fun. We did a project where we counted how many pennies it took to make the water spill out of the cup. We read a new story called Juggling and we did our vocabulary in our notebooks. In math we learned about factor strings. A factor string is a long version of how to solve problems. We went to art and learned how to do gesture drawings. Also we got sit wherever we wanted to at lunch. Then we got to play outside. Finally we got to talk to our friends at the end of the day.

By: Ashlyn

Friday, September 5, 2008

September 3, 2008

First we went over 1.7 math homework. In our class binders we did our times tables.
We did our math quiz on prime and composite numbers. We copied down notes for
our science experiment .We read our story for reading class. Next we did super
speed 1,000. . Finally, we learned what square numbers are and
we did page 19,20 in our math journals. Then, we went home.

By: Tyler

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

August 29, 2008

It was Friday and we had lots of tests to do. Our first test was a reading test. The book was The Class President. We all had fun and the test pretty easy. The next test was a spelling test. There are twenty words but not as many questions on the test. Next we had a pop quiz in math. The math test was hard and easy. After we learned more about a prime number and a composite number we had a quiz. It was hard to learn at first but it clicked after a few minutes. Last we took a science quiz on the scientific method. We had to put the scientific method in the correct order of steps.

By: Mitchell

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

August 27, 2008

Matthew Leon

We read Class President with gestures, we also had language arts about doing a worksheet of our spelling words and we went to art for specials. We did a science paper to
make our salad dressing and Mrs.Blas brought some ingredients we needed. Also we got some Starburst and we played a math game called Factor Captor.

August 28, 2008

Today we had the best day! In science we made salad dressing. In math we took notes on divisible numbers. We reread “class president” in reading. We had art today. We were sketching. Then tomorrow we will have chorus auditions. We even got snow ball carrots.
Blas’s journalist today,



Wednesday, August 27, 2008

August 26, 2008

Today we did an experiment on a penny that where we have to put drops of water until it overflows. Also we went to p.e. It was great because we threw balls through different kinds of places. The rest of the day was normal. We did math, reading, science, and social studies. But it was a great day having Mrs.Blas teaching us like every other great day.

By: Emily

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

August 25, 2008

The first thing we did today was make note cards about the scientfic method. Next, we read our first reading story called The Class President. We went to PE for specials. We then reviewed nouns and went to luch. We all went outside and enjoyed some fresh air and played with our friends at recess. We we got back and went over arrays in math. Before we knew it, we were ready to go home.

By: Hunter

August 21, 2008

Today we got soaking wet because we came to school in the middle of a tropical storm! So we got to go two the media center and watch Camp Rock for the morning. So we had to do some work so we moved to the Spanish lab in the fourth grade hallway. There we did an extremely hard science pre-test. Then we reviewed a little bit of science before we had to go home. And that was our day.

By: Tori

Thursday, August 21, 2008

August 20, 2008

August 20, 2008 started off dark and rainy because off tropical storm Fay. The rain outside drizzled continuously throughout the morning as we all sat down at our desk. The classroom was filled with a soft buzz of chatter fill with excitement. Mrs. Blas told us to take out our S.T.A.R binders to write our homework. Next, we put together our class binder. Our class binder was split into four sections Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies.After we organized a few more folders we took a math practice test that would let Mrs. Blas know what math level we where on. As the class took the test I noticed that everyone was working extremely hard to make sure they did their best.

Later that afternoon Mrs. Blas gave us a lesson on how to use examples from our book to help us answer questions in our math journal. Let me tell you it wasn’t the easiest thing to do. However, we were able to choose a person to work with, and that was a bit helpful.The rain was starting to let up as we went to P.E. and we were able to walk and talk. After P.E we went back to class and went over our math journal questions.That afternoon we learned what a prime number and composite number was. A Prime Number can be divided evenly only by 1, or itself. A few examples of prime number are 2, 3, 5, 7, and 11. A Composite Number can be divided evenly by numbers other than 1 or itself. A few examples of a composite number are 4, 8, 9, 12, and 15. We also learned that 1 is not a prime or composite number.It’s now the end of the day and everyone has packed up and ready to go home. All in all it was a really good day!

Written by, Myia O’Neal

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

August 18, 2008

The First Day of School was extremely jumpy. Everyone thought that the day went by quickly.
I think it went fast because we did so many things! We learned how to do power teaching. It is better than regular class because we are actually talking. We created the organzational part of our brain which is our S.T.A.R Binder. S.T.A.R stands for Students Taking Awesome Responsiblity. We learned our rights and rules. We also did me posters.

By Camari