Tuesday, September 9, 2008

September 9, 2008

Oh what a day in Mrs.Blas’ 5th grade class. Well today we did a science experiment called ocean in a bottle. The materials used were one water bottle, alcohol, food coloring, and paint thinner. Also we did a science worksheet about clouds. The cloud types were stratus clouds, cirrus clouds, cumulus clouds, and designer clouds.
In reading we read a book called juggling. It is about a kid that is really busy and his friend helps him. In math we learned about greatest common factor. An example is like if you had number 20------ 5,4,10,2,20,1 would be the factors and you have 15--------- 15,1,3,5 would be the factors. Then you find what number both of them have the same and which is the biggest. The answer would be 5. That’s what we did in Mrs.Blas’ 5th grade class.

By: Salem

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